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Studio Sowow Logo

We are Studio Sowow, a team of Designers & Makers. 

We are Creative Production Specialists.

We take our core values extremely seriously. Through careful consideration of needs coupled with a passion to deliver, we build enduring relationships.

We’re as excited about your project as you are!

Big Enough To Deliver, Small Enough To Care.

Problem Solving

As creatives, developing the brief is not only informative but can also be a lot of fun, if done correctly of course. Utilising design thinking methodologies and 40 years of experience, we formulate strategies, that provide our clients with cost effect solutions, for time sensitive projects.


Beyond ideation and initial brief, we fully support our clients along the iterative process.

Our CAD and visualisation facilities are valuable tools that assist with decision making and pre-production sign-off.


Our state of the art, in-house production technologies compliment traditional model making methods.

Experienced model makers and technology fiends combined, making is our passion.


Whether you’re progressing to prototype or commencing production, our team has the experience, knowledge and drive to ensure you get the support and tools you need.

Studio Sowow workshop with neon sign

We are Studio Sowow. 

A team of Designers & Makers. 

We are Creative Production Specialists.

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